Re: WWI Aviation List

Paul Butler (
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 12:07:20 +1000

Hi to all.

I am not sure of just what this other list that people are talking about but
if is:

then I am against having similar content duplicated on

I did subscribe to that list for a while so see what it was about (based upon
a recommendation someone had made) but soon got rid of it even though there
were a number of aviation articles of interest.

I enjoy reading the banter that goes on between you folks about your efforts,
model building advice etc. and also the occasional article like the Jasta Raben
affair. In fact a few more like that every now and then would also be nice.

What I don't want to see on is a running commentary on
what battles where fought, who got killed and so on. In my view, this list is
about model building, not military history. Let those who want to analyse the
deplorable events of the "Great War" look at other lists. My interest in in
aeroplanes and they are simply aeroplanes, regardless of who flew them or on
whose side they where operated. While I am interested in the personalities
who flew them, that is not vital to my interest in constructing reasonable scale
model aircraft.

I hope I have not offended anyone with this outburst but I am
well aware of the sacrifices made by ordinary men and women at that time,
and also the utter stupidity of those people in control who sent many to
needless deaths.


Paul Butler