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Fri, 4 Aug 1995 08:33:01 -0500

On 4 Aug 95 at 8:05, Allan Wright "verbally" offered:

> You've hit the nail right on the head. While in my personal reading I read
> many general WWI history books, the charter of this list is to support WWI
> MODELING. I also enjoy historical discussions as long as they relate in some
> small way to modeling (or background info for someone's particular project),
> but we should remain focused here. This list is 'Just Right' the way it is.
> Oh, you mention aircraft in your mail. Although the main interest for most
> subscribers (me included) is aircraft, we're not limited here to just that.
> Figures, ground equipment and vehicles and ships are also welcome to be
> discussed.

Hear, here! I was against the idea of another aviation list, but
wanted to ask for the sake of all involved. I enjoy this list the
most out of all I subscribe to (about 10) (well, sometimes it does
tie with ecto...) and think all the subject matter discussed is spot

A "couple" of "episodes" ago, I asked the question about the little
Renault FT tank. A couple people responded with sources, especially
those that deal with the interior. Unfortuantely, I have been unable
to track any of it down, as was wondering if anybody would be willing
to photo-copy those pages for me. I am mainly looking for interior
photo's/drawings. I really want to open up that little Matchbox kit,
and can't wait to get to it.

The previous post I sent about Eduard kits, I wanted to mention the
"unique" Pfalz D.III in the pages of the Windsock "JG.I Special".
How about an _orange_ Pfalz D.III? That would definitely make me buy
and build the Eduard D.III. An orange plane in that size would be -
how to put it? - "unique", and definitely grab a few comments.

Here's a thread: I'm looking for color info on a Roland D.II as
pictured in the Datafile. Unfortunately, I don't have the book here,
but the D.II in question has a "light" fuselage in the photo, and a
"J" on the sides. I'll also have to call Greg VanWyngarden and ask
him. He _should_ know, especially since it's his book.

Once again, I'm still looking for info on British Lorry's, as well as
any armored (armoured?) cars used in the Great War.

Thanks for being such a wonderful list. This is the way all mailing
lists should be.

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