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On 3 Aug 95 at 22:57, Mark K. Nelson thunk:

> 1/72
> 7003 1/72 Fokker D.VIII - the only 1/72 kit shown, no description.

Actually, I'm amazed they left this in the catalog. I had heard that
they gave all their 1/72nd molds (and/or plans) to MPM. Which, if
you think about it, wouldn't be a bad thing. From what I have
_seen_, comparing Eduard, MPM and Cooperativa, they all have the same
molders, if not mold makers. The plastic is exactly the same -
although there are times where MPM is a lttle crisper. Their XF-85
is a great kit, even if it's still not up to "Hasegawa standards".
Personally, I think Hasegawa is a little over rated. Sure, some of
their new stuff is good-to-great, but they hardly provide any
interior details. MPM's "a-little-softer-plastic" isn't bad, but the
kits stand out with their photoetched and vac-form canopies (not that
that would matter for WW1!:-)).

> 8005 Pfalz D.III - two markings, one for Rudolf Berthold, the other ??? -
> there was reportedly a flaw in the dimensions for some parts, so the kit is
> being re-done for later release.

Which Berthold machine? If I remember correctly, he flew 2 or 3
different machines, or the same machine with 2 or 3 different
schemes. What does the other scheme look like? Does anybody know if
this kit will have a D.IIIa conversion, or will we have to rely on
Rosemont? :-)

> 8009 Albatros C.III - two markings (artwork has a dragon stretched down the
> fuselage side) - imminent release. - same price as Hannover.

The "Dragon" machine was also included as the only decal option on
the first release of Meikraft's C.III.

> 8012 Fokker D.VI (yes, D.6)- two markings & lozenge.

Cool! I was going to get the Tom's Modelworks D.VI, but didn't
because of money, and I wasn't overly impressed with it. It did
include some nice metal parts - as well as _some_ photoeteched, but
the overall wasn't impressive. Too many air bubbles.

> 8013 Albatros D.V - no description, B&W photo of same aircraft as Pegasus
> 1/72 kit includes.

Hmmm...If they continue with the planes that Jacobs flew, I just
might have to do all his 'planes in 1/48th as well!! (Sorry,

> 8014 Sopwith Triplane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - no description, B&W
> photo only.
> Never Fighting Ladies - new series
> 8015 PZK-2 Austro-Hungarian Helicopter - see the AHAoWW1 book for more. . .
> 8016 DFW-28 Floh

I sometimes wonder. I realize their historical significance, as well
as a little "different" subject matter, but with 1/48th just getting
off the ground (pun intended), why not make more "significant"
machines until the scale has made itself? Besides this list, and the
announced DML Camel, there are no other "major manifacturers" coming
out with 1/48th.

Yes, I am true to 1/72nd, but I do like a diversion every once in a
while. That's one reasone why I did the DML Triplane, and the reason
why I want to do a few more 1/48th. My collection will be primarly
1/72nd, but I sometimes do like the "bigger" stuff. (Which is funny,
comparing the Dr.I - in 1/48th - to something like a P-51. It's so

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