Re: WWI Aviation List

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 08:33:01 -0500

On 4 Aug 95 at 12:07, Paul Butler sprecht:

> I enjoy reading the banter that goes on between you folks about your efforts,
> model building advice etc. and also the occasional article like the Jasta Raben
> affair. In fact a few more like that every now and then would also be nice.

Okay, what's next. Remember that it doesn't have to be German (or
does it, Steve?:-)).

Does anybody supply the same service for the other nations, that
Dan-San Abbott provides for the Germans? For those unfamiliar, Mr.
Abbott provides drawings of not only German aircraft in 1/72nd, but
drawings of markings of most of the flyers - especially
single-seaters. His is usually one of the best "guesses" at
markings. If you would like more info, either ask me, or check out
the latest WW1 Aero. I don't have the info with me today, but I'll
get it over the weekend.

While "surfin'" the 'net the other day (via ftp only, durn it), I
came upon a "set of" programs that go by the name of "Fly'n Things"
(or something like that). Basically, this company is providing
1/72nd scale drawings of WW2 (that OTHER war:-)) aircraft, that can
be viewed - and printed - from Windows. I downloaded their index,
which also included a sample drawing. It looks good on my 256 color
24x80 monitor, but I haven't been able to print it out yet to see how
it prints. Each three-view drawing of one aircraft costs $10 (which
to me seems quite high - most magazines cost around $2-4, which can
include more than one drawing), and their "viewer" costs $20. This
could get quite expensive. Anybody know more about this? Is there a
similar service for WW1?

I'm not sure if I would like it, but it could be a little convient.
As long as the drawings were raster, and not bit, based, it would be
easier to print off a drawing needed for the latest project, versus
photo-copying "again". However, I would want the drawings of the
"known draughtsmen" - for example, Ian Stair, etc. - and not some
"guy with a pen". Which could get expensive when you talk about
royalties. Anyway, just a ponder...