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Thayer Syme (
4 Aug 1995 08:46:23 -0800

Reply to: RE>>Fokker D.VII pics are back
Images getting darker during scanning is not really a problem. Any basic image
manipulation software can control contrast and brightness to your heart's

As I mentioned yesterday, I would like to buy a set of prints. How shall we
arrange it?

Thayer Syme
San Francisco

Date: 8/4/95 8:37 AM
To: Thayer Syme
>> If there are any particularly excellent photos, would you be willing to
>> "borrow" them to Allan for a wee bit so he could scan them?
>I'm good for their return - Erik and Steve can attest to that. I'd be glad
>to scan them in.

I have no doubt about their safety, but rememeber my saying that they are, for
the most part, slightly under-lit. For a photo in hand, they are certainly
useful. But I would be afraid that the process of scanning might make them too
dark to view. If Allan thinks he can brighten them when he scans, I'll send
him a set, and he can pick and choose.