Re: Guynemer's fate
Sat, 5 Aug 1995 18:06:54 -0400

I picked up a little book a few years back entitled "Les Avions de Guynemer".
It identifies and describes 4 Spads flown by Guynemer. 2 were VIIs, S113 &
S254. S382 is identified as a XII. S504 is the one he was lost in and is a
XIII. All carried the Cigones marking and all EXCEPT the last carried Vieux
Charles. S254 is the one on exhibit at Musee de l'Air in Paris. None of the
SPADs were camouflaged.

I hope there are better photos then the ones published in this book, because
I wouldn't care to rely on these. I can only take the author's word. This
is even more difficult because the book is in French, which I have never

Eli Geher