Re: The Red Baron Game

m or d dickerson (
Sun, 6 Aug 1995 17:30:07 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Mr. McOsker and Group,

Thanks for the post regarding this seemingly relevant game. I give them
this: the maps are pretty good and the main instruction manual has some
fairly interesting information. Beyond that, I agree; its a rip. The
original producers, Dynamix, apparently were part of a larger group and
their product, after being so well received by various reviewers, was
allowed to silently sink. When I ran into the uncontrollability problem
I started to call for help. I was shuffled unmercilessly between Gravis
and the makers of Red Baron. I might not harbor such ill will if they
would have had the guts to admit that their product doesn't work with the
68030 Mac and that they didn't intend to fix it. Oh well, live and learn.

On another subject: could someone advise me regarding the color (or lack
of color) of the underside of the SE5a? In most graphics I've seen it
looks off white.

Thanks for any help, dave in Austin, TX

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995 wrote:

> To any who would buy the Red Baron game and who have a MAC with more than a
> 68020 processor- forget it....End exerpt