SE-5 finishes

Don Rinker (
Sun, 6 Aug 95 23:15 EDT

>>On another subject: could someone advise me regarding the color (or lack
>>of color) of the underside of the SE5a? In most graphics I've seen it
>>looks off white.
>The consensus seems to be that the undersides of British a/c were
>fabric treated with clear dope and the color ranged from an
>off-white to a buff to a yellowish tan,

Not to be too nit-picky, but most British A/C listed as being cleared
doped in simple color explanations are actually clear coped first
with two to three coats of unpigmented cellulose dope, then top coated
with mil-spec varnish. The actual type of varnish available, and how
heavily it was appplied accounts for the amount of Yellowing or tan
The linen fabric used in British A?C of the period was almost pure white
in its natural state. Its the varnish that provided the tint.

Careful study will reveal that the earlier vintage British A?C such as
the Tabloid,Bristol Bullet,etc... look very white indeed, being only
doped at that time............