Re: Eduard '95-'96

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 7 Aug 1995 08:33:14 -0500

On 4 Aug 95 at 21:49, Mark K. Nelson sprecht:

> I talked to the "Rob" at "eduard Model Accessories" in Nepean, Ontario
> today. Allowing for minor permutations in order: the next eduard releases
> (after the MS type L & Albatros C.III) are supposed to be:
> 1) 1/48 Sopwith Pup
> 2) 1/48 DFW Floh
> 3) 1/72 Fokker D.VIII
> 4) 1/48 Fokker D.VI

Funny that you don't see the Pfalz listed. Actually, I read
somewhere that the reason for it was that the molds got messed up, or
were incorrect. I forget which one, and where I read it at.

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