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Mon, 7 Aug 1995 08:33:13 -0500

On 4 Aug 95 at 22:02, Mark K. Nelson sprecht:

> Does anybody understand the Skybirds'86/Strutz ad on page 5 of Windsock
> Vol. 11/4? Why are they babbling about Dodos evolving struts???

Who knows. Maybe, in come way, they're "bashing" Contrail. I see
four main problems with Strutz - both non-technical: (1) Contrail
is a "solid" presence, and has been around quite a while; (2)
Contrail comes with "all other" kits that don't provide pre-molded
struts; (3) they don't have a source/distributor in the
States/anywhere else; and (4) if following their directions, there
are a few of us that don't what to drill holes to accept their

If they had a distributor here, in the States, I would buy Strutz
primarily for undercarriage work. Being brass, they would definitely
be stronger than plastic. However, I would tend to stick with
Contrail for all other "strutage" because of the light weight. I
can't justify the post/packing charges for a little bit of struts.

I also think they could sell more of their planes if they had other
sources/distributors. Even though their Lloyd C.V got a better
review in Windsock than Plum Blossom's, I bought Plum Blossom's C.V
because it's readily available. (Recommendation: but the Plum
Blossom C.V. It is a wonderful kit. Our own Steve Hustad reviewed
it in FineScale Modeler, and took first place with it at the '95
Nat's. However, warning: ALL parts are in resin, although they are
cast almost perfectly (a resin Scarf ring is hard to fathom, let
alone cut out:-)).)

> Ray, etc. are now taking orders for the reprints of the first 4 datafiles:
> 1) Albatros D.III
> 2) Sopwith Pup
> 3) Albatros D.V
> 4) Bristol Fighter (soon to be a Special, too!)

Finally, I can fill in my holes, since #1,3,4, and 5 are the only
ones I'm missing. Although, technically, having the specials you
really don't need these - unless you're a completist.

Also worth mentioning from this issue: Blue Max's next release IS
the Nieuport 28; Marco's Miniatures' 1/24th Albatros D.V got a
favorable review (HUGE kit!!); finally, a feature article (and
plans) on the Pfalz D.VIII (now for the kit, right Steve?).

The latest Datafile is on the Bristol M.1. I'm going to have to find
one of the old Pegasus kits just to build the one of the cover! :-o

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