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Mon, 7 Aug 1995 13:19:31 -0400

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>I'd love to get their phone number/address. The books I am looking for
>are on the Graf Zeppelin (WWII German CV) and the WWII German Cruisers
>book, as well as any books on World War I aviation or naval subjects.
>If you could tell me the titles of the first two (and the ISBN or stock
>number) that would be great. Also, the phone address of who/how to get a


The address for Shiffer Publishing Ltd. is 77 Lower Valley Rd, Atglen,
Pennsylvania 19310. Their phones are : Voice...610-593-1777,

I couldn't find the book on cruisers, but "German Aircraft Carrier Graf
Zeppelin", ISBN 0-88740-7 is available at $9.95.
They're not heavy on WWI titles, but they list "German Tanks in WWI", "Fokker
Dr.1 and D.VII", "German Airships" and "Zeppelin in Combat". (How about a
resin Zeppelin in 1/72?).

I'm sorry I looked in the catalog. I found 2 titles I probably can't live
without, but the budget is currently too low.

Eli Geher.