Re: Scanned drawings and CAD

Bob Pickwoad (
Mon, 7 Aug 1995 17:34:13 -0700

At 08:20 AM 8/8/95 +1000, wrote:
>Hi All
>While searching for something else, I discovered what appears to be a very
>useful shareware utility for use with CAD systems. It is a program that
>PCX scanned images into vector DXF files, which can be imported into many PC
>based CAD programs.
> Paul,

Thanks for putting forth this information. I'm currently using Corel 5.0 to
do a trace on scanned bit map images to convert for use with Microstation
5.0 and/or ModelCad. I've found Corel to be less than satisfactory, and
certainly very time consuming (486DX2 8Meg). I'm looking forward to
downloading and using this program.

Bob Pickwoad