Re: George Guynemer's demise. . .

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 04:10:22 -0400

>All this talk about the event of the disappearance of Georges Guynemer brings
>forth in me the thought that with the scarcity of hard evidence, a number of
>scenarios exist that would explain away his vanishing. It is possible that
>the airman, knowing that the Americans were in the war, and it being only a
>matter of time, and that he had well and truly done his duty, both in and
>over the front, and in the public eye, the aircraftman flew his rather
>ordinary looking Spad Fighter to a field in Switzerland, set it ablaze, and
>retired to live a peaceful life. They took his humanity but maybe he got
>away with his life.
This is a joke, right? Ignoring the fact that a SPAD XIII wouldn't have
the range to get from St Pol-Sur-Muese to Switzerland and the fact that
the Germans reportedly recovered Guynemer's body (shot through the head
and the identification removed!) I suppose this makes as good a story as
any. Cheers anyway,

Bill Shatzer - -