Re: Latest from Rosemont...

Thomas Eisenhour (
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 05:40:30 -0700

You wrote:
>Latest scuttlebut (sp?) is that the Revell 1/28th Fokker D.VII won't
>be released until sometime in October.
>What would one do with such a big kit? You could probably fit your
>entire 1/72nd D.VII collection inside the 1/28th bird. Gads, too big
>for my blood...
Wait till you turn 40 my friend, then you'll understand the beauty of
large scale. ;-)

After building - and competing with - 1:72 exclusively for years, I now
like the large scale stuff much better because I can SEE it when I'm
building it and because it can be SEEN when displayed. What "presence"
does a 1:72 Fokker Dr.I have on a contest table? Not much!


Tom Eisenhour
Austin, Texas