Re: Steve Hustad's winnings
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 09:26:28 -0400

John P. Roll is to be thanked for letting us know what Dr. Hustad has been
concocting- I personally am extremely grateful to Steve for sharing his
modelling skills with us- first in the FSM article and secondly in the WWW
page. I'm currently wirking on an Oeffag Albatross DIII [Blue Rider
conversion] and using his example in FSM as a guide- [more on that later]- I
think it is disgusting though that modellers are coming out of the closet
with their guilt list of unbuilt kits- mine currently stands at 570 WWI [only
aircraft- about another 100 figures, ships and between the wars planes]- And
who can pass up the latest? Cheers Gerry McOsker Newport R.I.