Re: Steve Hustad's winnings

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 08:44:46 CDT

On 19 Jul 95 at 9:26, wrote:

> John P. Roll is to be thanked for letting us know what Dr. Hustad has been
> concocting- I personally am extremely grateful to Steve for sharing his
> modelling skills with us- first in the FSM article and secondly in the WWW
> page. I'm currently wirking on an Oeffag Albatross DIII [Blue Rider
> conversion] and using his example in FSM as a guide- [more on that later]- I
> think it is disgusting though that modellers are coming out of the closet
> with their guilt list of unbuilt kits- mine currently stands at 570 WWI [only
> aircraft- about another 100 figures, ships and between the wars planes]- And
> who can pass up the latest? Cheers Gerry McOsker Newport R.I.

Is there anybody willing to take the model corrections information
(what is referred to above as "modelling skills...and secondly in the
WWW page.") and email it to me directly? Since I don't have web
access (yet), I would like to read this info. Thanks.

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