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Matt Bittner (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 09:05:53 CDT

Got a package yesterday from Rosemont. It contained _von Richtofen's
Flying Circus_, the fabric special from Windsock; and the Pegasus
Roland D.II.

The book is beautiful. I've had plenty of conversations with Greg
VanWyngarden, and he is proud of it - as he should be! If you ever
wanted a "different" scheme for your Dr.I's, D.VII's, Alb.
D.III/D.V(a), Pfalz D.III/IIIa, or Siemens Schuckert D.III, (as well
as some Fok. D.V's), this is the book for you. Some really colorful

The Peagsus Roland D.II is a gem. It looks like an "easy" build.
Pegasus kits have definitely gotten better! If you're looking for an
"easy" WW1 kit to build, this is it. The only "heads up" would be
that the parts are attched to the sprue with some heavy attachment
points. Not too bad to clean up, just an FYI. Looking through the
Datafile on the Roland D.II, I didn't realize that this plane was on
the front for only four months! Quite amazing!

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