eduard c.iii

Brian Bushe (
20 Jul 1995 10:47:07 +0100

List is quiet this week so i thought i would take the risk of
relighting the great price debate.

Visited Hannants in London last weekend and had a quick look at the
latest eduard kits, Morane Saulnier type L and Albatros c.iii, now at
16.50 and 19.95 pounds respectively. Also noticed that most japanese
kits had gone up 15 percent in price due to 'a strong yen'. Also the
other eduard kits had gone up by a pound or so. why?

anyway, the type l is similar in size, shape and in fact kit contents
o the original e.iii release, which came out at 9.99. what has
inspired this 60 percent increase? nothing was evident after a quick
glance, but it did have two metal engines. did this have a back to
back type unit, or is one a spare?

the albatros is a bigger beast, with a very large pe sheet. it has
less decals than the hannover and the box generally seems to hold
less. interesting that the two options have plywood fuselages but
there is no decal sheet for this. it is an attractive kit.

in the uk these kits are still good value compared to DML but only
because dml is bloody expensive. eduard have a good market here but
they could be overcooking it. instead of being no thought required
buys they are making people think about whether they want the
particular aircraft. i'll probably buy the albatross at the
international air tattoo this weekend but i don't know about the type
l. the problem is all wwi aircraft make interesting models!


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