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Matt Bittner (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 08:06:58 CDT

On 20 Jul 95 at 10:47, Brian Bushe wrote:

> Visited Hannants in London last weekend and had a quick look at the
> latest eduard kits, Morane Saulnier type L and Albatros c.iii, now at

Wasn't the type L a high-wing monoplane? Since I don't have my
sources with me, I'm unsure. If that's the case, do they include
decals for the "famous machine that brought down a Zeppelin" (can't
remember the person's name - Warner?)?

> 16.50 and 19.95 pounds respectively. Also noticed that most japanese
> kits had gone up 15 percent in price due to 'a strong yen'. Also the
> other eduard kits had gone up by a pound or so. why?

Something I've been pondering for a while.

> anyway, the type l is similar in size, shape and in fact kit contents
> t
> o the original e.iii release, which came out at 9.99. what has
> inspired this 60 percent increase? nothing was evident after a quick
> glance, but it did have two metal engines. did this have a back to
> back type unit, or is one a spare?
> the albatros is a bigger beast, with a very large pe sheet. it has
> less decals than the hannover and the box generally seems to hold
> less. interesting that the two options have plywood fuselages but
> there is no decal sheet for this. it is an attractive kit.

Such a shame they didn't include the wood decals. Although I haven't
built the StarStrutter yet, I do like the idea of the decals,
especially if you apply them a panel at a time. One thing I have
noticed, though: PropagTeam (sp?), the maker of the decals, has
released a separate, "after market" wood grain decal sheet in 1/72nd.
Maybe they're planning to do the same in 1/48th, and want to gain
more business.

> in the uk these kits are still good value compared to DML but only
> because dml is bloody expensive. eduard have a good market here but
> they could be overcooking it. instead of being no thought required
> buys they are making people think about whether they want the
> particular aircraft. i'll probably buy the albatross at the
> international air tattoo this weekend but i don't know about the type
> l. the problem is all wwi aircraft make interesting models!

Over "the pond" here, DML is only a little more expensive than
Eduard - unless you're comparing the two-seaters. The only DML I
purchased for aroun $13 at the time (about three years ago - their
first Dr.I release). Although I do have the Jacobs' Dr.I, and a
D.VII, I had the fortune of getting the Dr.I as a gift, and traded in
two kits for the D.VII, thanks to the wonderful folks at Hobby Haven
in Des Moines, Iowa. (If you're ever in the area, stop by. Although
they don't carry a lot of aftermarket stuff, they stock most of the
newest kits - including obscure ones. For example, they still have a
Tom's Modelworks Fokker D.VI sitting around.)

And I completely agree with you about having to think about your
purchases. When I was single (and in the first few month of
marriage) and childless, I would purchase WW1 without thinking. Now,
however, I have to judge which kits to buy. I really want the
Hannover, but since Pegasus released the Roland D.II, and the Phoenix
(sorry, no umlaut) D.I - and since my primary scale is 1/72nd - I
opted for the Roland D.II, and eventually the Phoenix.

Speaking of Pegasus, has anybody heard if Chris Gannon still has his
Blue Max line - and what the next release might be? I'm waiting for
the Pfalz D.III to come down in price, but didn't want to jump at it
since Eduard is "supposed" to release one sometme. I'm also waiting
to hear what his next release will be.

Anybody but the Blue Max Dr.I, and not build it because of the DML
kit? I'm thinking of taking the engine parts and casting them in
resin to use on my next Dr.I - unless, of course, my next DML Dr.I is
Jacobs'. Then I'm stuck modifying it.

Another question: anybody use Digmayer's (sp?) props? Or, has
anybody made their own in 1/48th that wants to let us know how it's
done? Thanks.

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