Re: Sopwith Pups
21 Jul 95 07:35:00 EDT

Hi Doug, Thayer et al,

In one of those odd coincidences I find myself at work with just _one_
datafile in my briefcase (for lunchtime perusal)

I have just scanned through the Datafile special on the Sopwith Pup (twice).
Sorry, no pics on floats at all.
OTOH I can't wait for Eduards promised Pup, I just have to build one of
those crazy training schemes.


> Reply to: RE>Sopwith Pups
>I think the windsock special on the Pup has a pic or two on floats. That
>be the first place I would look.
>Thayer Syme
>San Francisco

>To: Thayer Syme
>With summer here and a big float fly coming up in the fall I have a need
>for a float plane. With my love of WWI and an existing 1/6th Pup in my
>I thought surely I could put together a set of floats for it. So, does
>know of/or have photos or 3-views etc. of Sopwith Pups on floats? The more
>detail I can get the better. I am pretty sure I have seen a picture of a
>on floats in some book or another!