Re: Sopwith Pups
Thu, 20 Jul 95 20:41 EDT

On Thu, 20 Jul 1995, Jess Stuart <> wrote:
>> With summer here and a big float fly coming up in the fall I have a need
>> for a float plane. With my love of WWI and an existing 1/6th Pup in my
>> I thought surely I could put together a set of floats for it. So, does
>> know of/or have photos or 3-views etc. of Sopwith Pups on floats? The more
>> detail I can get the better. I am pretty sure I have seen a picture of a
>> on floats in some book or another!

There's nothing in the PUP special or any other resource file I have here.
Dont really have a whole lot on RNAS planes.

Of course if this is the Flair kit you're going to add floats to, why not just
modify the rudder shape a bit, add some fancy trim and call it a Sopwith BABY.
There's lots of data available on them, the floats are simple flat pontoon
types. From standoff distance the Pup and the Baby look quite similar with the
exception of the rudder shape, and possibly the horsehoe cowl rather than the
full cowl on the Pup.......

Just a thought...............