Re: Sopwith Pups
Thu, 20 Jul 95 20:37 EDT

On Thu, 20 Jul 1995, (Douglas R. Jones) wrote:
>>Hi there.... Got your letter Wednesday Afternoon. Ill copy the
>>data and get it out .
>Great! i appreciate it!
>>Are you more interested in the N-17 or the 24bis or both ???
>>I'll assume both...
>Both. I am doing the 17 but one can never have too much information! There
>is always another model to be built!
>By the way how was the trip?

OK, Ill give you a good selection on both versions. One of thesee days
Ill have to get some of this stuff scanned. :-)

The trip was great!!... I got in the Museum about two hours earlier than the
general public and did a nice walk around on the new N-28... Unfortunately the
DR-1 they had just refinished a short time ago is already hauled up into the
ceiling ( inverted). Too far away and quite dark.

The N-28 will mnake a nice scheme for people interested in the Proctor kit..

Got to meet about 15 guys who had been on some B-24 crews having a reunion out
there. They let them inside the B-24 Strawberry Bitch. At one point they had
the sucker fully manned! One guy kept yelling to pull the chocks :-)

Also got to meet several prominent Aviation artists as they were having a get
together there before going over to the Dayton Airshow, which starts Friday.