Re: Sopwith Pups

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 08:25:52 CDT

On 20 Jul 95 at 15:49, Douglas R. Jones wrote:

> >I think the windsock special on the Pup has a pic or two on floats. That would
> >be the first place I would look.
> Thanks Thayer! Does anyone know if this datafile is still available?

Yes, I do believe it still is. If memory serves me, I think Rosemont
still has at least one. I got their mailer, and they listed which
Datafiles/Specials they still had in stock, and I think they had all
the Specials.

I completely forgot last night, but has anyone checked the original
Pup Datafile for a floatplane? If I remember tonight, I'll check and
let everybody know Monday. BTW, the Pup Datafile is out of print,
but according to Rimell, he plans on re-releasing all the first sets
of Datafiles - Pup including, since it's Datafile No.2.

If everybody is interested, Rosemont is providing a "subscription"
service for Windsock/Datafiles. Email me privately (if possible - I
seem to be having trouble with my provider again), and I'll send you
the info Monday.

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