Re: Sopwith Pups

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 09:11:54 CDT

On 21 Jul 95 at 8:59, Douglas R. Jones wrote:

> >I have checked through my references and all I can find is photos of a Pup
> >with skids (soory, no floats). They are in Air Enthusiast Quarterly #4. If
> >you are interested in photocopies of that article, email me.
> Thank you for checking! I appreciate your efforts. I would be interested in
> the information to add to my growing reference library!

The Datafile Special also has photo's on the skid versions. There
are also a couple of photo's with the skid version either on a
lighter (sp?) or a ship.

Or are the picture's in the first Datafile??:-)

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