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Matt Bittner (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 10:38:48 CDT

God News!

Scaleplanes - ex Libramodels - has faxed Rosemont, and they're coming
out with the following re-releases:

Bristol D
Bat Bantam

Expect to pay around $12, and I do believe they'll include metal
accessories and decals. Hmm...I wonder if they'll take a trade in
for an old DH5 without metal and decals...

I also emailed Bab Hayden at FineScale Modeler, telling him about
the list/web page. I also thanked him for the TWO (be still my
heart!) WW1 articles. Granted, one is just a "Portfolio", but it is
still WW1. The back of FSM also mentions that the next issue will
contain a "how-to" on scratchbuilding an Albatros D.III in 1/48th.
Yikes! I'll wait for the Eduard kit - or maybe try my hand at
correcting the Glencoe kit.:-o Has anybody done this?

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