Latest Over the Front...

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 08:33:15 CDT

The latest copy of Over the Front (OtF) came Friday, and there were
a few things I am pondering.

First of all, the editorial lists two ip-addresses. These are:
H-WAR@KSUVM.KSU.EDU and (note that I have
replaced OtF's '&' with '@') Does anybody know what these are, and
to whom they belong? I've sent messages to both, but haven't gotten
anything back yet. If I find out, I'll post, and if anybody else
knows, let us know. Thanks.

The highlights of this issue for me were the articles on the Layfette
Escadrille, and Greg VanWyngarden's piece on skull's (and some
crossbones) as aircraft markings.

I've noticed the ad for Over There!, and was wondering if anybody
subscribe's, and if they do, what is their impression? Do they have
detailed/technical drawings of land-based machinery? Thanks.

I'm not making any promises, but I'm in the middle of "updating" my
database/program drivers. I'm using a Window's product called
"Delphi", and I plan on making a "standalone" application, so one
wouldn't have to have dBase to run it. If I ever get it to a point
for release, I'll let everyone know. I'm also trying to find a way
to "compile" my program so it would run on other machines - just not
sure at this point if "Delphi" will let me do that or not.

So far, it's slick as snot. The advantage/disadvantage is that you
choose your publication from a list, and the main window will list
all "articles" for that pub. You can also choose the machine's
manufacturer from a list, getting all types associated with that
manufacturer. And you can also "type-in" the specific Type. For
example, you can choose "Albatros" from the manufacturer list, and
type in D.III, and see all articles dealing with the Albatros D.III.
This is too cool. Hopefully I'll have time some time to get this at
a point to release. Then anybody with Windows will be able to run
it, without worring about having dBase.

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