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Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 09:49:49 -0500

>First of all, the editorial lists two ip-addresses. These are:
>H-WAR@KSUVM.KSU.EDU and (note that I have
>replaced OtF's '&' with '@') Does anybody know what these are, and
>to whom they belong? I've sent messages to both, but haven't gotten
>anything back yet. If I find out, I'll post, and if anybody else
>knows, let us know. Thanks.

This is a mail list that is dedicated to the History of the WWI era. It is
not specialized such as this one to any one aspect of the war. I have been
on it for
a bit now and there have been some outstanding discussions. The address
I have for posting a message is: and
for listserv stuff use: If you send a msg to this
address with the word HELp in the body you'll get back all the appropriate
list info.

>The highlights of this issue for me were the articles on the Layfette
>Escadrille, and Greg VanWyngarden's piece on skull's (and some
>crossbones) as aircraft markings.

Are individual copies of this available?

>I'm not making any promises, but I'm in the middle of "updating" my
>database/program drivers. I'm using a Window's product called
>"Delphi", and I plan on making a "standalone" application, so one
>wouldn't have to have dBase to run it. If I ever get it to a point
>for release, I'll let everyone know. I'm also trying to find a way
>to "compile" my program so it would run on other machines - just not
>sure at this point if "Delphi" will let me do that or not.

This sounds really neat!

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