Re: Latest Over the Front...

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 10:13:18 CDT

On 24 Jul 95 at 9:49, Douglas R. Jones wrote:

> This is a mail list that is dedicated to the History of the WWI era. It is
> not specialized such as this one to any one aspect of the war. I have been
> on it for
> a bit now and there have been some outstanding discussions. The address
> I have for posting a message is: and
> for listserv stuff use: If you send a msg to this
> address with the word HELp in the body you'll get back all the appropriate
> list info.

Thanks, Doug. I'll have to subscribe, and check it out. What about
the first one?

> Are individual copies of this available?

Not too sure. I know Battle Hobbies out of MN, and Rosemont used to
carry separate issues. OtF used to be supplied to Bill Dean, and
since he's gone belly up, it's unsure how The League (the "club", and
"makers-owners" of OtF) are going to handle distribution to shops.
Yearly "subscription/membership" fees are only $35, and - IMNHO -
well worth it.

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