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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 10:45:45 CDT

On 25 Jul 95 at 9:19, Allan Wright wrote:

> > > Scaleplanes - ex Libramodels - has faxed Rosemont, and they're coming
> > > out with the following re-releases:
> > > FB19
> > > Bristol D
> > > DH5
> > > Bat Bantam
> > What scale is that? The Master's Scale would be nice.... ;^)
> Yes - The Master's Scale - 1/72.
> I visited Rosemont while on vacation. It was sort of a Pilgrimage for me.
> Nice place - the owner (darn I forget his name now) was very accomidating,

Barry Stettler.

> let us rummage through every nook and cranny of the store. In his words:
> "No place is off limits" - very noce. They're setting up a production
> vacuform maching and resin casting set-up in the back room which is new
> for them. Before they weren't allowed to manufacture in-shop.

>From what I got from Barry, they're not releasing anything new until
they can get the vac machine up and running. Then they're thinking
about multimedia kits. Resin fuselage and some details, vac wings
and tailplane, and maybe some metal detail parts. As in the past I
wouldn't expect them to include decals. It's my general "feeling"
that people tend not to stick with a kit's scheme anyway, except when
building out of the box, and there aren't many WW1 kits that can be
built out of the box.

> On slate for them is a resin version of their spad A-2 and a re-relase of
> the Vacuform Kite Baloon.

Cool! Even I didn't know about the re-release of their A.2 (A.4),
which, if you don't know what it is, is actually quite a "unique"
plane. Gads, I would hate to be the observer/gunner in that beast!

> -Al
> P.S. I'm Back!

Good to hear! And yes, while you were away, we played together very

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