Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 07:55:16 CDT

On 25 Jul 95 at 15:59, Randy J Ray wrote:

> A while back, when the Eduard E.III kit was released, I remember there being
> quite an outcry about some very obvious goofs in the kit, the most striking
> of which was supposedly that the wings were too short by one "section" (that
> is, one rib too few, and the length in between missing).
> Well, in preparing for my 1/72 odyssey, I dusted off my Eduard kit, and laid
> it over the Rimell line drawings from the Windsock datafile. Spot on. Dead to
> rights. Any other platitude you like. The only other aircraft I've ever had
> lie within the lines this well was the new Minicraft Spitfire Mk XIV.
> If there are other areas I should be aware of, let me know. I couldn't remember
> if the accuracy debate was here or on the newsgroup, but I thought I'd let
> you guys know.

I have not heard anything about accuracy. Then only thing I've heard
to watch out for with this kit is that you will have to sand down the
insides of the fuselage to get the photoetched cockpit to fit. For a
better word on how to correct the various "fitting" problems, refer
to the Military Model Preview "review" of it. Unfortunately, I don't
have it, but I'll look for it at the hobby shop in Des Moines when I
go Friday. They _might_ have a copy of it laying around. If not, I
know of a couple of people in the local club here that subscribe, so
I'll copy it from them. That is, if you are (or anybody else is) interested!

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