Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Brian Bushe (
26 Jul 1995 14:49:10 +0100

In <>, Matt Bittner wrote:

>> Well, in preparing for my 1/72 odyssey, I dusted off my Eduard kit, and laid
>> it over the Rimell line drawings from the Windsock datafile. Spot on. Dead to
>> rights. Any other platitude you like. The only other aircraft I've ever had
>> lie within the lines this well was the new Minicraft Spitfire Mk XIV.
>> If there are other areas I should be aware of, let me know. I>couldn't remember
>> if the accuracy debate was here or on the newsgroup, but I thought I'd let
>> you guys know.
>I have not heard anything about accuracy. Then only thing I've heard
>to watch out for with this kit is that you will have to sand down the
>insides of the fuselage to get the photoetched cockpit to fit. For a
>better word on how to correct the various "fitting" problems, refer
>to the Military Model Preview "review" of it. Unfortunately, I don't
>have it, but I'll look for it at the hobby shop in Des Moines when I
>go Friday. They _might_ have a copy of it laying around. If not, I
>know of a couple of people in the local club here that subscribe, so
>I'll copy it from them. That is, if you are (or anybody else is) interested!
, Nebraska | passage of time."

there was no debate. mick from oz said it was a rib short and we
(including myself) went home, checked and agreed. my plans were from a
Scale Models International so should be by Ray Rimmel. i can't
remember what scale mine were in but i will recheck with interest. it
was spot on in other respects so i remember being surprised at an
obvious omission.

otherwise this, and indeed all the other eduard kits are excellent and
worth forking out for (despite my protests above increases). Look for
a synopsis of the M-S type L when i get time.


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