Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 09:53:12 CDT

On 26 Jul 95 at 14:49, Brian Bushe wrote:

> there was no debate. mick from oz said it was a rib short and we
> (including myself) went home, checked and agreed. my plans were from a
> Scale Models International so should be by Ray Rimmel. i can't
> remember what scale mine were in but i will recheck with interest. it
> was spot on in other respects so i remember being surprised at an
> obvious omission.

If this is the article I'm thinking of (Jul 1983), this is indeed a
little dated. Sure, some of the old stuff is spot on, but there are
others that - due to new evidence - are grossly wrong. An example:
the Siemens Schuckert D.III/D.IV. Until <can't remember person's
name> here in the U.S. really started researching, all drawings upto
that point were wrong. This would be my guess for the E.III.
However, as if to refute myself, there are some new drawings that are
also suspect. So, if you go against the Scale Models' plans, the
wing is off. If you go with the Datafile (which, it appears, Eduard
did), the wings are spot on. So, brain, is right, but so is
Randy... Makes you think, doesn't it?

> otherwise this, and indeed all the other eduard kits are excellent and
> worth forking out for (despite my protests above increases). Look for
> a synopsis of the M-S type L when i get time.

Cool! Can't wait! Anymore people want to provide reviews/assesments
of kits currently working on/purchased?

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