Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Randy J Ray (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 09:37:51 -0600 (MDT)

>On 25 Jul 95 at 15:59, Randy J Ray wrote:
>> Well, in preparing for my 1/72 odyssey, I dusted off my Eduard kit, and laid
>> it over the Rimell line drawings from the Windsock datafile. Spot on. Dead to
>> rights. Any other platitude you like. The only other aircraft I've ever had
>> lie within the lines this well was the new Minicraft Spitfire Mk XIV.

Just a minor correction to my earlier post:

The Fokker E.III Windsock Datafile is written by P. M. Grosz, and the line
drawings are by Ian Stair. While Mr. Rimell is the editor and publisher of
the series, I don't want to deny these two fellows their due for an excellent


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