Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 12:20:46 CDT

On 26 Jul 95 at 16:52, Brian Bushe wrote:

> good, saves me a bit of work! which set is 'right'? the answer again
> could be both. is it impossible that they were based on different
> prototypes that did have different spans? i like it when you can
> defend your model on some ambiguous point!
> maybe i should finish that model after all.

This is a good point. Unless a judge carries around the plans/a
ruler, that judge will never know that "well, according to Scale
Models, this kit is off and I don't see in this person's narrative
that they corrected it". But this throws up an entire different
flare when it's your personal goal to get it "correct". Sure, there
are some models out there that are grossly - and obviously -
incorrect. These are the "I must fix this" models. Then there are
those that are "well, the wing is less than 1mm off, so screw it!"
models. If a judge gets that nit-picky, then you have one of two
things on your hand: (1) the models in competition are so close,
that it comes down to corrections versus incorrections (is there such
a word?); or (2) the judge does not have a life. For example, at
last year's nationals I entered a SSW D.III - the Peagsus kit - that
is about 1mm off all round, and didn't care. I guess I should have
made sure my wing was straight first! ;-)

Anyways, sorry to ramble. Kind of off topic, but has anybody picked
up/built the new Hasegawa I-16? I won't get mine until Friday, and
was wondering what it's like. Thanks.

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