Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 13:35:05 CDT

On 26 Jul 95 at 12:14, Randy J Ray spake:

> >Is this, by chance in 1:48?
> >
> Bwahahahahahahaha... Nope. Hobbycraft did just fine with theirs. This is the
> scale of Masters... 1/72.

Ohhhh. Cruel. Could this be a flame? :-o

(Actually, who knows. Maybe you'll get lucky, and Hasegawa will
scale up their 1/72nd one. Looks like their finally getting their
scale "right" with their Dauntless. It's soon to be released in
1/72nd. What, another flame? :-o )

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