Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Allan Wright (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 08:47:14 -0400 (EDT)

> On 26 Jul 95 at 14:49, Brian Bushe wrote:
> > there was no debate. mick from oz said it was a rib short and we
> > (including myself) went home, checked and agreed. my plans were from a
> > Scale Models International so should be by Ray Rimmel. i can't
> > remember what scale mine were in but i will recheck with interest. it
> > was spot on in other respects so i remember being surprised at an
> > obvious omission.
> and Matt Bitner answered:
> I was absolutely sure I had a photo somewhere which was clear enough to
> count the ribs - but my index turned up a stack of lovely clear Pfalz E
> series monoplanes and no useable Fokkers. Does anyone out there have a
> photo reference that would allow that simple test? Is our London
> representative able to tell us how many ribs the Science Museum E.III has ?

I'll check my references - I think I have a photo of a celluloid covered E-III
somewhere at home.

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