Re[2]: Cost of Kits - was Eduard H
Tue, 27 Jun 95 08:26:14 PST

> When I think about what it costs to go to a 2 hour movie, concert or pro
> sporting event, I try not to worry too much about the cost of a kit. Granted
> am not a static modeller so I am not really that familiar with the current
> costs. It seems, though, that the cost, amortized over the time to build,
> factored with enthusiasm for the prototype, should be the formula for

Right on!!! Tell them about the cost of your Proctor Albatros kit; it should
make that $40 kit sound pretty good :-)

Cheers --- Larry
Well, actually, we were talking about static display models
rather than flying models. But has the same INSANE
escalation of prices been happening over in the flying
models department? Has there been a significant improvement
in the quality of the kits?

Somewhere in here we have to tell the model makers that this
isn't okay any more.

--Stephen Tontoni