Re: Re[2]: Cost of Kits - was Eduard H

Larry Marshall (
Tue, 27 Jun 95 12:40:36 EDT

> Well, actually, we were talking about static display models
> rather than flying models. But has the same INSANE
> escalation of prices been happening over in the flying
> models department? Has there been a significant improvement
> in the quality of the kits?

One man's "insane" is another's way of life. The R&D costs on anything
carry a fixed price regardless of number of units sold. If you want
to build P-51s you can get them cheaply. But I suspect the number
of Hannovers that will be sold will be a very small number. Those
wanting companies to break out of the mainstream and produce some of the
less popular aircraft, should be willing to pay the price. This
is reflected very clearly in the flying model kit market. As for "significant
improvement" in the kit, I guess that depends on whether you want to build
yet another P-51 or build a Hannover :-) I'm sure the kit you're talking about
will make a better Hannover than a Monogram P-51 kit will. I know this is the
case for the Proctor kits :-) But "letting the companies know..." is an easy affair.
You just do what you do and don't buy it. If the Hannover fails, I'm sure the
company will see clearly that they can't make money developing unpopular kits.
I suspect, however, that the success of their previous offerings demonstrates
a willingness on the part of serious model builders to pay the money for these
more rare aircraft.

Cheers --- Larry