Re: Welcome Thomasa

Graham Collins (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 13:12:39 -0400

>> I am in the process of building my
>> first WWI plane. It is a SE5a kit made by the Guillows Co.
>Well that is great news for us golden age rubber powered scale enthusiasts.
>There ARE a few of us here with that kind of interest, in spite recent
>discussions being dominated by the tiny scale plastic folks or the large
>scale radio controled flying aficianados. I have interests in both these
>areas, but I have to confess that my heart is still fixed on the medium
>scale stick and tissue models. I wonder how many of us have similar
>(secret?) interests? Where is Graham Collins, with his 20 - 30 inch
>wingspan models, or his peanuts (13" wingspan) and the pistachios (8"
>wingspan) flying models, who use to hang out on this list? If you are
>there, give us a shout, Graham.

Well, how could I let that go unanswered!

I have been patiently reading with great interest all the mail that this
group produces and filing away tidbits of info for future use! I must admit
that I tend to read far more of what others have to say than what I post.

It is very pleasing to some indeed to see some women joining in the group
and wish them success in their pursuits.

As far as activities of late; I have been busy flying some of my little
creations, some rather successfully and others not. I have also been
building some plastics as well. Currently under construction is an Eduard
Sopwith Sneider in 1/72 scale although I prefer 1/48 for detail and 1/144
for lack of detail. 1/72 is large enough that I just gotta add more detail
but small enough to make if frustrating as well, the best of both worlds I

I just recently learned that DML is going to release another in its WWI
series, a 1/48 Sopwith Camel?? Is this, can this, be true? I have in my
"to do" pile the DR-1 D-VII and D-VIII and will probably add this one as
well! I like the DML stuff, lots of bang for the buck but do wish that some
of other types were similarily available. The cost of most kits is quite
high but once it gets above a certain limit I tend to cringe a bit,
particularily if my unbuilt pile is quite large, even if its one of those
that I just gotta have.

Cheers, Graham