Re: Welcome Thomasa

John Rice (jrice@SEI.CMU.EDU)
Tue, 27 Jun 95 13:47:07 EDT

Stick and Tissue Fans,

I build a Jenny over the winter. About 24" span, I'm pretty sure
it's Guillows. Man, it's been years since I smelled dope
fumes ! Painted her with cream wings and tail feathers, olive
drab fuselage, and added all the rigging. Then came the fun.
The OD fuselage got many washes of white to look chalky, and
the wings and tail got some heavy duty brown "dirt" painted on
and scrubbed off with thinner.

I claim the plane is as it would be about 1920 after years
of Air Corps training and then years of civilian flying. All
dirty and beat up (and patched with fresh OD and cream here
and there [I did the new patch places everywhere I stuck my
finger through the tissue; worked good])

My Jenny turned out very well, and I can't wait to find
a Neuport 28 about the same size.

RC Nuts,
I fly a Proctor mini-antic, which is a knock-off of a
Bleriot, so I claim stand-way-off-scale-WWI.

Is a Fokker DVII a good first project (I'm a frustrated
Pup & Sopwith Triplane lover, but the short nose moments
scare me off). The Fokker seems to have a long nose moment,
and should be easier to fly. My brain is in vapor-lock so
I can't remenber the kit maker. It's the old kit that has
been around for years, about 58' span, Tower has them for
$95. The old control-line brick, you know, but I think
with the OS90 four cycle in it, it should fly nicely.
I gotta paint all those lozenges, too, so it may be YEARS!

Any ideas, helpful hints?