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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 13:02:54 -0500

On 27 Jun 95 at 9:54, Thayer Syme wrote:

> For those R/C nuts who love old aircraft, I can only recommend the Proctor kits
> with 110% of my soul. After closely inspecting/fondling my 2 kits, I must say I
> think they are severely undervalued. I realize that doesn't bring the price
> down much but they are worth the sacrifice if you can swing it and they have a
> plane you want to model. To reinforce this point and gloat just a little more
> on my good modeling fortune, my girlfriend bought me the Balsa USA Sopwith Pup
> for Xmas. Let's just say, there is a reason the captions in the mags all say
> the nice 1/3 scale Pups *started* with this kit. It is what it is and a good
> deal at that, but... Having seen the Proctor Jenny for a bit over twice the
> price, it is without a doubt a much better value. It was the revelation of
> seeing the Jenny that pushed me into the D-Va as well. Again, I was not disappointed.

A hobby shop in Des Moines, Iowa - Hobby Haven - has a Proctor
Jenny built, and hanging from the ceiling. This kits are so nice that
would even consider using them as a source for the smaller scales.
If I ever get into R/C, this would be the way to go. Said hobby shop
- if I remember correctly - had an unbuilt Proctor Nieuport 11 for
sale. True, or did I mix up another kit for a Proctor?

> As for my Formula for Cost Justification above, how long does it
> take to build a really nice R/C kit? 100, 200, 500 hours and more
> for a "real" scale model. Is that time we enjoy spending building
> and value as entertainment/therapy? I know I do and I don't get
> enough of that time. It is true, we all have to draw the line
> somewhere, I just have a tough time finding the pencil when
> exquisite aircraft are in the equation.

Here, here. Definitely therapy. Unless you just lost the 80th
piece of rigging in a 200+ small-scale job!:-) Experience with a
Phoenix (Blue Rider) Otto Doppeldecker has told me when you lost the
5th or so wire, walk away for a couple of hours. If my dog could
talk, he definitely would know some choice "human language"!:-o

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