Re: Welcome Thomasa

Larry Marshall (
Tue, 27 Jun 95 14:32:00 EDT

> I build a Jenny over the winter. About 24" span, I'm pretty sure
> it's Guillows. Man, it's been years since I smelled dope
> fumes ! Painted her with cream wings and tail feathers, olive

Yes, while I don't mind the smell of dope, my wife has no
appreciation for it. I've moved to using glue sticks and
glue pens to attach the tissue and water/alcohol based acrylics.

> My Jenny turned out very well, and I can't wait to find
> a Neuport 28 about the same size.

If you don't mind scratch-building, there's a neat little
catalog from "Smiley's" (advertises in the backs of the
mags. He specializes in plans for WWI aircraft. I think the
catalog costs $1.

> Is a Fokker DVII a good first project (I'm a frustrated
> Pup & Sopwith Triplane lover, but the short nose moments
> scare me off). The Fokker seems to have a long nose moment,

I wouldn't be scared off by the nose moments. But a DVII should
make a nice project, there are certainly enough people who seem
to have enjoyed building and flying them to support the notion.

> I can't remenber the kit maker. It's the old kit that has
> been around for years, about 58' span, Tower has them for
> $95. The old control-line brick, you know, but I think
> with the OS90 four cycle in it, it should fly nicely.

On the other hand, a Fokker DVII is not supposed to fly at
mach 2 :-) I suspect you're referring to the Sterling kit.
Not only will it be heavy but these old kits aren't the most
pleasant things to build because of the die-crushed parts. Have
you considered building from plans? Henri Haffke has had DVII
plans published recently in Radio Control Modeller and there are
a couple plans available from Great Britain.

Cheers --- Larry