Re: Welcome Thomasa

Graham Collins (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 16:19:26 -0400

>On 27 Jun 95 at 13:12, Graham Collins wrote:
Currently under construction is an Eduard
>> Sopwith Sneider in 1/72 scale although I prefer 1/48 for detail and 1/144
>> for lack of detail.
> What do you think of the Schneider, Graham? I have two Baby's, but
>wasn't too interested in the Schneider. One Baby will be built
>"Sopwith-style", and the other I plan on purchasing Rosemont's
>Ansaldo conversion.

Well, the plastic is bit crude, but that is expected with this type of kit.
The brass detail on the other hand is quite good. I don't like the flat
look of the etched brass struts so I have been following the thread on this
subject, haven't decided what to do in this case yet.

>> I just recently learned that DML is going to release another in its WWI
>> series, a 1/48 Sopwith Camel?? Is this, can this, be true? I have in my
>> "to do" pile the DR-1 D-VII and D-VIII and will probably add this one as
>> well!

> From what I've heard - which could be wrong - the Camel is due out
>by Christmas. You don't want to hold your breath when dealing with
>DML and their release schedules. My biggest dissapointment is that I
>wanted DML to put out a Nieuport 17 (surprise, surprise)! Ah well,
>maybe next release. Heck, I'd even settle for an Albatros D.III or
>D.V(a). This may sound strange, but I long for the day I can choose
>between 12 (or so) different manufacturers of Nieuport 17 (like you
>can with an Me-109 or FW 190). Wouldn't that be dreamy? Ah, key
>word there: "dream".:-)

I would like to see the Nieuport's as well! And I agree with your thoughts
on having so much choice, it would certainly be nice!

Cheers, Graham