Re: First aerial combat
Tue, 27 Jun 95 13:56:43 PST

When I get home today, I will look to see if I have any
resources for you. I picked up a couple of books at a rare
book store (books were rare; the store was fairly common by
comparison!) that may help you somewhat. One was about the
aircraft of WWI. The other was about the aces. It listed a
lot of pilots that I never heard of. Little bit of worming
around and a fair bit of luck -- or vice versa -- and I
might be able to help you. I won't have any of the colors
though. Someone else might get that for you.

---Stephen Tontoni

I am currently thinking
of making the models of the first two aircrafts to have been
involved in a real fight : the Voisin of Frantz/Qu=E9nault=
and the "Aviatik" of ??? (Germany). My problem is many folds. What type
of Farman was it? What were his colours? What type of "Aviatik" was it
confronting? I understand that, at that time, all the German planes were
Aviatiks for the French. Who was the crew of the German plane? As you can
see, there is much to do, but I'm currently feeling more and more at a loss.
Help me, please.
Best regards from Belgium,
Michel Lefort <> - Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
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