Re: Welcome Thomasa

Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 16:57:24 -0500

>I wouldn't be scared off by the nose moments. But a DVII should
>make a nice project, there are certainly enough people who seem
>to have enjoyed building and flying them to support the notion.

My Pup flies very nicely....but I cheated and "etended" the nose slightly!

>On the other hand, a Fokker DVII is not supposed to fly at
>mach 2 :-) I suspect you're referring to the Sterling kit.
>Not only will it be heavy but these old kits aren't the most
>pleasant things to build because of the die-crushed parts. Have
>you considered building from plans? Henri Haffke has had DVII
>plans published recently in Radio Control Modeller and there are
>a couple plans available from Great Britain.

I too have heard horror stories about the Sterling D-VII. I was told to
avoid it! Haffke did a D-VIII. I have the plans. While they would make a
nice sport scale model there are a number of improvements that can be made.
As is would probably make a really nice 1st scratch built flying model!