List as a manufacturers resource (Was: W
28 Jun 95 13:04:00 EDT

GDay all,

> Just a thought. Does Eduard, DML or any other WWI model producer
>know about this mail list? It would be a gold mine for them in terms
>of market analysis.
> Jess Stuart

PD Models certainly do. Unhappily (as you will know from my previous posts)
they are sitting on their hands regarding new WW1 decals for now.

There are 2 other cottage industry manufacturers (in Brisbane) who I have
mad aware of this list. Neither (Roodecal and Oz-Mods) do any WW1 stuff yet,
though both use people I know of as WW1 fans to produce artwork and masters,
so you never know. I am keeping them in touch (that is, pestering the sh*t
out of them) on a regular basis.

[ "Hey, I built one once" anon.]