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Matt Bittner (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 07:42:15 -0500

On 27 Jun 95 at 17:31, Jess Stuart wrote:

> Just a thought. Does Eduard, DML or any other WWI model producer
> know about this mail list? It would be a gold mine for them in terms
> of market analysis.

Here's an unusual thought: Blue Rider has their own internet
address. We should subscribe them, without them noticing:-). I also
know that Military Model Preview has their own, as well as Bob Hayden
of FineScale. I plan on getting these address at some time, and
emailing them with the address to subscirbe to, and the address to
post messages to. Unfortunately, all of my books/mags are still
packed, so if anybody has a latest copy of MMP or FineScale around,
could you email me with their addresses? Thanks.

I would like to think that model companies listen to us, but I would
also like to believe in peace. Seriously, if companies listened to
modelers, then why do they bring out yet another Me-109 or FW 190?
Especially since there are so many other _worthwhile_ subjects out

It's too bad that PD got out of the WW1 business. I bought one of
their 1/72nd SPAD sheets, and the 1/48th D.VII sheet with Raben's
machine on it, and - although I haven't used them yet - am impressed
with their colors and their registry. I have been too many times
dismayed with Americal, especially when it comes to registry.

I want to start a thread here, with the eventuality of sending the
findings to model makers. What would everyone like to see produced?
Create a list, with your top FOUR wants, and include scale preferred.
I'll tabulate the responses and publish the results. One vote per
person (I'll go be email address), and requests will be taken until
next week at this time (Wednesday, 5 July). You may request a plane
already in existence (for example, Steve Hustad can put as his number
one request "Fokker Dr.I, 1/72nd"), and you may request a plane that
is currently out of production (for example, Pegasus' Halberstadt
D.II). Also put what you would be willing to pay for one - or what
you think a "fair" price would be. For example, I don't think $34
for a TCBerg Nieuport 11 is fair. Also put if you want it in
anyother material than injected. If no material is mentioned, I'll
assume injected. If the scale is greater than 1/24th, I'll assume
flying scale, and "stick and tissue". I'll go ahead and start the

Nieuport 17, 1/72nd, $10
Nieuport 11, 1/72nd, $11
Gotha G.IV, 1/72nd, $30
Hansa Brandenburg D.I, 1/72nd, $15

You may post them to the list, or email me privately. I hope this
thread takes off, and everybody sends me something. Who knows, maybe
I'll have some influence on the latest from Rosemont.

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska
"It must be inordinately
taxing to be such a boob."