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Thayer Syme (
28 Jun 1995 08:54:26 -0800

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$1 an hour is very cheap and you didn't even figure in the time spent fondling
the kit before building, the hours of anticipation before it arrives, the hours
dreaming about how great it will be in the air, the hours of ... Well you get
the idea.

In Thornburg's new book he talks in the first few chapters about the dreams and
fantasies of flight. Right on my mark.


Date: 6/28/95 5:53 AM
To: Thayer Syme
Doug, Thayer, Jon,

Hey guys, thanks for all the good advice on Fokker DVII & WWI planes.
Boy, there just isn't anything that people can't answer in this
news group. (for example, I didn't know Proctor HAD a DVII!)

Think I will stay away from the Sterling brick and wait for
the Proctor (or maybe go ahead and get a Jenny). I know I'll
get a heck of a kit. I'll convince myself that at 500 hoursbuilding time,
that's only $1/hour; cheap entertaiment.

Thanks again,