Builder's Wish List

Graham Collins (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 12:52:30 -0400

> I want to start a thread here, with the eventuality of sending the
>findings to model makers. What would everyone like to see produced?
>Create a list, with your top FOUR wants, and include scale preferred.
>I'll tabulate the responses and publish the results. One vote per
>person (I'll go be email address), and requests will be taken until
>next week at this time (Wednesday, 5 July). You may request a plane
>already in existence (for example, Steve Hustad can put as his number
>one request "Fokker Dr.I, 1/72nd"), and you may request a plane that
>is currently out of production (for example, Pegasus' Halberstadt
>D.II). Also put what you would be willing to pay for one - or what
>you think a "fair" price would be. For example, I don't think $34
>for a TCBerg Nieuport 11 is fair. Also put if you want it in
>anyother material than injected. If no material is mentioned, I'll
>assume injected. If the scale is greater than 1/24th, I'll assume
>flying scale, and "stick and tissue". I'll go ahead and start the
> Nieuport 17, 1/72nd, $10
> Nieuport 11, 1/72nd, $11
> Gotha G.IV, 1/72nd, $30
> Hansa Brandenburg D.I, 1/72nd, $15

Good Idea!

Heres my list:

Nieuport 17, 1/48 $25
Aeromarine 39B, 1/48 $25
Curtis F Boat, 1/48 $25
Sopwith Snipe, 1/48 $25

Cheers, Graham