Re: Builders wish List

28 Jun 1995 13:33:13 GMT

To Al, Matt and others, compiling the wish list:

First off, lets not re-release any more of that ancient Revell,
Aurora, Lindberg & Airfix stuff. Lets face it - those kits are now
about 30 to 35 *OR MORE* years old now! (some older yet). And they
look it too.

What I want is state of the art mold making efforts like that from
Hasegawa, Dragon/DML, and Fujimi, or lacking that (a pipe dream no
doubt!) at least attract the continuing attentions of the "Eduards",
"Aeroclubs", and 'Pegasus/Blue Max's" out there!

(Of course, if no one will issue any new kits
I'll take the 'ol re-issue dogs any day!)

So, having spouted off, I'll throw in my two cents worth here for my
wish list contribution:

Fokker Dr.I (Matt was right!) 1/72 $17.50
Fokker D.VII 1/72 $17.50
Albatros D.III 1/72 $17.50
Albatros W.4 1/72 $20.00

And - I'm going to cheat and list more than four :-0

Fredrichschafen FF 33E/L 1/72 $27.50
Fredrichschafen FF 49C 1/72 $27.50
Albatros C.X 1/72 $22.50
Pfalz D.VIII 1/72 $17.50

Steve H. (The Mad Norseman!)